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Warriors Axe Throwing exclusive!

We were so pleased to welcome Ryan “Maverick” Eldridge of Warriors Axe Throwing as our first guest for AXEGIRLS.TV Season 4! Warriors Axe Throwing - Proud sponsor of AXEGIRLS.TV - Warriors Axe Throwing logo - Axe Throwing - Axe Throwing

Ryan filled us and our viewers/listeners in on their latest release big axes, and some further insider information about their IATF Premier throwing axes.

Ryan introduced us to the 2 new axes with handles made exclusively by 81 Axes. Ryan explained the two new big axes are named the “Punisher” and the “Spawn“. The Punisher head is similar in shape and style to the Warriors’ Reaper, while the Spawn has more of a curved blade.

Ryan has been working with Goose of 81 Axes with high quality handles for these bad boys, including American Hickory and some gorgeous designer handles.

These axes have been tested by Axe throwers in the US and Canada and will very shortly be available on the Warriors Axe Throwing, including their under-development dealer’s portal. Our own Battle Axe was lucky enough to ‘send’ one of the prototypes during an 81 Axes tournament last July and couldn’t say enough great things about them.

Ryan went on to explain to the girls about the upcoming dealer’s portal for the convenience of dealers to purchase axes for their venues and to help these big axes get into the hands of throwers around the world.

The corresponding premier axes are specifically designed for the update to Premier rules which as Ryan explained, includes a shorter blade – perfect to land that premier bullseye. The AXEGIRLS cannot wait to see these prototypes and to send them themselves.

Ryan also announced that they’re re-upping their development of their own designed axe case – something much needed in the axe world.

Stay tuned to AXEGIRLS for the latest updates from Ryan, Goose and the team(s) at Warriors Axe Throwing and 81 Axes.



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