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In this episode of AXEGIRLS we wanted to congratulate all the throwers from around the world in IATF who qualified for IATC in Monday’s announcement! Best of luck to all those who have made it through and best of luck for anyone who is competing in a Wildcard tournament this weekend.

The AXEGIRLS introduce you to a new segment for AXEGIRLS.TV, the AXEGIRLS 10in10. Our guests have 10 questions, and get 10 seconds to answer each of them. We humbly thank Ryan Eldridge of Warriors Axe Throwing (our wonderful Sponsors), Carl Howe of Valhalla North Axe Throwing and Sasha, one amazing axe thrower and Season 4 AXEGIRL.

Want to take part in our 10in10? There’s nothing to prepare as our questions change! Send us an email, or hit up our social to take part.

This Episode we spent a lot of time on the posts we received regarding your inspirations in axe throwing. Starting off with hearing from Scratch, who was away the day the rest of the AXEGIRLS filmed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response, and a HUGE Thank you to all those who have inspired others in this sport we all love.

We’re asking for next episode – What is your most memorable moment in axe throwing? The AXEGIRLS answered that in this episode and can’t wait to hear from you.

Lastly, and on behalf of a lot of axe throwers, we think, we humbly request Chris Collins to come on AXEGIRLS and help us understand the Collins Rating System. Please and Thank You in advance

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