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This week’s episode is chocka-block full (that’s an Aussie term). Welcome back Scratch!

We check in with the girls and their week of Axe Throwing.

Some Community announcements, including congratulating Tyler Seddon for taking the APATC title, and being Australia’s #1 thrower. Well done.

Congratulations to ALL the regional winners from around the world. All 9 folks are now in Round 1 of IATC. Exciting stuff.

A new axe house opened up in College Station, Texas – Welcome to Cut Axe Throwing. Check them out – we hope to soon. Maybe a bunch of axegirls in retirement travelling around in a winnebago.

Urban Axes announced the dates for the Urban Open, taking play May 29-31st. Tickets aren’t yet on sale, this is more of a Save-the-Date announcement. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Battle Axe explains a little more about the road to IATC, and we look at Wildcard and Round 1. We’re so excited. Will we see YOU at IATC?

Battle Axe and the amazing gang up at True North Axe Throwing, playing on Axel’s Battle Axe Boot Camp suggestion put together an amazingly hilarious video, watch along with the rest of the AXEGIRLS. If you’re listening on our podcast, be sure to hit up our YouTube channel not to miss a second of that!

We took on the Kickshot Trickshot this week – take a look at our successes and failures – can you beat it?

Thank you for tuning in to another episode of AXEGIRLS.TV


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