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Another exciting episode for you this week with Axel, Battle Axe and Nordi.

Battle Axe was able to interview Tyler Kambeitz of Axequisite Axeworks by TK about how he got involved in axe throwing and progressed to making high quality equipment for throwers. Tyler also takes us into details on the axes and hatchets he made for Battle Axe.

The AXEGIRLS took on the 2nd Trickshot Challenge, brought to us this week courtesy of Ragnarok Axe Throwing in WA, Australia. Posting a trickshot challenge back in January on the Axe Throwing Events page on Facebook, the girls decided to give it a shot – which, it turns out is an IATF skill – the Ambi. Take a look at how the girls did this week. Can you top that? Share your videos with us, tag us and let us see. Might just been good practice for the International Axe Throwing Championship (IATC) coming up this June in Toronto – be sure to check out the official IATF website for more details about that event.

Finally, we’re asking YOU, who do you look up to in the sport of axe throwing? Who do you admire? Who you follow? Are you a fan of someone in particular? Who inspires you? We’d love to hear your stories, and I’m sure that person (or people) would too!

Thank you again for tuning in to our latest Episode of AXEGIRLS. Keep watching & listening for more community interviews, trickshots, axe throwing-related questions and more.


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