We’re women and we throw axes in our spare time. Join us as we compete weekly against each other for League Titles.

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Live streamed, on YouTube, on Monday March 8th the AXEGIRLS competed in the Agawam Axe House International Women's Day tournament and the title was won. The final match was played between Madcap & Riot, but who ultimately won? Check out the final throws and the winner...

Join us this Tuesday as the girls battle for the title. See our standings as the regular season matches are closed and there's only a few games left to decide who is the 2021 Winter Women's Champion. Who will it be? Who are you betting on? Will there be an upset? Who's the underdog and who will take MVP? All answered live, this Tuesday at 6:20pm EST on our YouTube channel. Like, subscribe & hit the bell for updates on new videos! Thanks for...