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Announcing AXEGIRLS Warriors and Ambassadors

Our Mission

In our initiative to give Women a platform to shine in the sport of Axe Throwing – the AXEGIRLS starting a network of Ambassadors to help encourage and develop new throwers around the world. Ambassadors that are able and willing to help new throwers, or help someone get better at throwing and help share this sport with everyone.

You don’t have to be the best at everything you try, but you do need to have a positive attitude and encourage others to do the same. Open to all throwing styles and affiliations.

We’re looking for AXEGIRLS Ambassadors and AXEGIRLS Warriors.


We’re looking for outgoing women who love axe throwing as much as we do, all over the world, who we can connect with new throwers in order to feel comfortable to learn, and ask questions and help them in their future in axe throwing.

You don’t have to an owner, or work at a venue, you just have to be open to showing a new thrower ‘the ropes’ at your local venue. We’ll pair up newbies by location and allow you to work on a schedule that suits you both – and expand our family of AXEGIRLS around the world.


We’re going to help our AXEGIRLS make it to competition and compete on behalf of AXEGIRLS and inspiring women all around the world.

Being sponsored by AXEGIRLS come with a commitment to stay positive, play with respect and kindness, to encourage and inspire.

You’ll be required to film your experience (good & bad), and share your event, tournament or league with us for use on the show, social media & podcasts.

You’ll be a representative of supportive women from around the world.

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